Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's it ironic that when you finally get "there" and have gained all that experience, it's too late?

No doubt I'm in my late twenties. And I'm in my first year of being a social work professional. And my kids are still 5 and under.

So how do I find the confidence and strength to deal work workers who have been in the field for half their lives? Clients who have children older than me? Who am I to tell a mother of seven children and 4 grandbabies that her youngest (a teenager) will challenge her and that it's mostly normal?

I trust in my education but come on, in this field, experience does carry more weight than usual. How do I get that experience and respect without waiting until I'm retiring age?

I'm trying to remember that our job is to not be the expert but more of a partner and learner with clients but that's hard to do when a 58 year old father stares you down and says "What do you know? You ain't nothing but a baby who is reciting that shit that college brain washed you with."

/end vent./

Until our next visit,


  1. Ugh. I totally remember being there! It's such a hard spot to be in. The longer you're in the profession and the more confident you become, the more others will respect you. And it's okay to say "you're absolutely right. I don't know you're exact situation. Will you please tell me about it and help me understand?"

    I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary at my agency. Today I was thinking back to the first couple of years working with a specific probation officer who treated me like an ignorant child. It took years, but we're finally in a spot where she respects my opinion and experience.

    Keep your head up! And don't forget to take care of yourself :)

    (How's that for unsolicited advice? So UNsocial worky of me!)

  2. i just found your blog and am looking forward to reading through some of your back posts! i am a new MSW and also in my late 20s and my coworker has probably had as much experience as i have been alive. i constantly feel inadequate compared to her and her knowledge of the systems we work within... but i have hope i will get there, too. best of luck to you in your own career, i'll look forward to following your blog!!

  3. Thank you ladies for your comments. It's nice to know that I'm not alone and that it's okay to feel this way!