Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first cry.

Just had my first crying moment in my car. And it wasn't over a client but another SOCIAL WORKER. Did you know in some states, county social workers don't have to have a social work degree or be licensed? That is my only comforting thought over how this one worker treated me today. With a no fuss-muss attitude. With the underlying message that I knew nothing and I wasn't her choice for a referral for her "so needy, hopeless" client.

But done crying now. Gonna pull myself up and go get me some of the attitude she gave me so we can play on even field next time. I'm a social worker, not a doormat. I'm human too.

Vent end.


  1. Welcome to the field! I have found that some of the most craziest, nastiest people I've ever met have actually been SOCIAL WORKERS with every license and credential behind their name.

  2. One of the nastiest people I've known graduated with me and is a practicing social worker. Having a social work degree doesn't make people any better or make them know how to treat someone in a respectful manner.

    Sounds like a crappy experience that didn't feel good. As much as it sucks, it's really a reality of the job.

    As for getting some of the attitude she has, please just be strong in who you are rather than putting defenses up in order to combat better. If she has to treat people like that, imagine what her inner world is like...

    Just be who you are and screw those who try to take you down.

  3. I am also a new BSW I am a social worker who works in a nursing home doing discharge planning for rehab patients. I had my first cry moment when I had to plan for 9 discharges in one work week, I was so stressed the only thing I could think to do was to cry.