Monday, June 4, 2012

Just met a dad from MTV's show Teen Mom

Okay. Not really. I didn't actually meet a dad featured on the actual MTV but I might as well have.

One of my new cases is with a young dad (19 years old) and a young mom (17 years old) who are no longer together but share a 1 year old together. And boy all the drama from that MTV show from the name calling to the short skirts and makeup definitely made me feel like I was watching tv. Whewww. Oh and all this was only from the one meeting I've had with them so far. They are going to be...interesting and different to work with. Most of my clients are older (early 20's to 30's) who are single moms and no longer involved with baby daddy.

The only positive thing I'm finding is that at least in this case I can use my youthful age to my advantage to hopefully build a trusting relationship with them. That's gotta come in handy one day right?

In other news, I see I have 8 questions to be answered from the last post! Who-hoo! This is a success and I am not being sarcastic. I was seriously expecting...1 or none. But thanks! I will get to them soon!

Until our next visit,