Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Masters: death by choice or ladder climbing?

With only being out of undergrad for a little over a year and a year of "real" social work, I'm already itching to go back for that masters! Should I or shouldn't?

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  1. I say do it! it'll give you more options and sad as it is..sometimes it gives you less stressful options in the social work field. Am actually currently doing my MSW and so far, a few places have indicated that I could work for them when am done and the positions would be wayy less stressful but also paying higher. Plus it's gaining more knowledge, more competency and honestly speaking, it's something you can get out of the way and be proud to have accomplished. I really like the idea of social work blogs where we can all come and rant and learn from each other's experiences. I am a child protection worker and I loved reading some of your experiences because I felt like it gave me a different perspective to the same situations and clients we work with. Anyways, good luck with everything and please do continue to post! Oh and am all the way from Canada:)