Friday, January 20, 2012

Head is spinning.

Sorry for my lack of posts. It's difficult to blog when things are not going well. But with this blog's aim at trying to document the "reality" of newbie social working, I'm trying to remember to blog through the good and the bad.

Lately, it's been bad. So be prepared for some venting. Or wailing.

I'm feeling sooooo overwhelmed. And confused.

You see, when you're sitting there in class or in trainings, it's energizing. You want to run out as soon as you can and start "helping." Then when you do, when you're sitting in a tiny apartment with a stressed out mother and her children who are bouncing off the walls from boredom, it's very easy to  loss. And it does not help that my agency does not run with a "program" for me to fall back on during these times.

Some days I feel hopeful. Then other days, I feel hopeless. I often am left thinking "Did I make a difference? What am I doing? What am I trying to do?" In this field where the outcomes are not as concrete or visual, it's very difficult to gauge your work.

And at the moment, I can't see it :(

Until our next visit,


  1. I am sorry you are going through a rough time. It generally always gets better though. Random: Have you considered changing to work with a different population? I know children & families work is very tough and it's certainly not a sign of weakness if you don't stay with it. There are so many people out there that need our help, why limit oneself? (((((((hugs)))))))

  2. I am a new social worker to the field too...can totally related to how you feel! In school, trainings you get energized, all these big ideas about social justice, but then you get into the field and wonder what the hell you are doing, or what to do with the immensely complicated issues clients have...hang in there- something I've found helpful is just writing down at the end of each day at least one good thing that happens..

  3. Hi, I am a social worker student also, and I can only imagine what to expect when I transition into the field full time. I hope that you can find the motivation to keep pushing. Its so amazing that the field of Social Work is growing but these position are the lowest paid. Oh well- the payment we seek is social reform and equality.

  4. Thank you for your comments!!!!