Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Must remember yesterday.

I must remember yesterday. Not because any really really special but...it wasn't bad so it counts as a good day. Which by the way, I haven't been getting a lot of "good" days lately. I've been lost in clients' enormous problems and overdue documentations. So yesterday when a home visit went well and uneventful, was a highlight that was welcomed.

I've been working with this mom for about 2 months now but it seems long because I'm meeting with her and the kids intensively which is 2x a week. She has skills that I have helped her bring to use and refined. And she has so much hope. Even though I think she'll get her rights terminated due to statements from the county, I cannot help but hope she won't as I gently but more aggressively push her to utilize her skills.

Yesterday she followed all my recommendations on her own without prompting. Her kids left with their bellies full and faces full of kisses. She lit up a smoke after they were gone and confided to me how scared she is of losing them. I assured her to just keep doing what she's doing and giving it her all. The part of if what she has will be enough will keep her kids in her care is up to the county. Not for me to say, I've been trying to remember.

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